Pet Sitter


Pet Sitter

Paws 2 Claws Pet Sitting was established in Wellington, Florida in 2009. Founded by a veterinary professional with over 10 years of animal care experience, Paws 2 Claws is dedicated to the comfort and safety of your pets. To ensure these goals, your pet sitter is trained for all emergency situations, from cardiac events to diabetic crisis or seizures.

Ask yourself: who better to care for these beloved members of your family?

Paws 2 Claws Pet Sitting is a family owned and operated pet sitting service. This ensures that your pet will always see the same friendly faces – day in, day out. We can handle your midday walks during the work week, and be on call for all of your vacations and weekend getaways, as well as any last-minute plans.

Here at Paws 2 Claws, we provide every level of pet care, from simple feeding and walking visits to overnight stays. We’ll make sure that your trip is as stress-free as possible, both for you and the ‘kids’. And rest assure that your pet sitter will be giving unlimited belly-rubs, ear-scratches and cuddles are always included in the price. Other things we are sure to always included:

 Quality time with your pet. Play time, dog walking, petting, and brushing as requested. Cleaning of pet area. Ensure the cleanliness of all food and water bowls. Pick up outside pet area. Scoop/clean litter box daily. Clean up any accidents. Bring in the mail and newspaper. Put out trash cans and bring them in & water plants. Welcome Home Report by text or email during the visit. And of course lots of Hugs & kisses

 One of my favorite parts of my work is caring for the special needs and more mature furries and seeing that they are well taken care of. I know a lot about their needs and what works for them in most situations. I have been treating animals for 10+ years as a veterinary technician. I will recognize any signs of illness as soon as they arise.

Paws 2 Claws offers pet sitter services for all creatures, great and small. DOGS, CATS, COWS, PIGS, CHICKENS, HORSE & other POCKET PETS and EXOTICS! Contact us today to schedule your free meet & greet.